Wednesday, April 24, 2019

poets rally week 90, short story slam week 112, humor week 18

Image result for university of central oklahoma president  don belt, president of university of central oklahoma

Image result for university of central oklahoma president         roger webb, previous president of uco

Image result for donald trump, president of university of  a promising candidate for 2020 presidency
according to nbc news

Image result for nbc news    trump and michael fitts

Image result for nbc news            megyn kelly

Image result for nbc news   north korea leader kim jong Un

Related image jacob lamey  a boy of mimi and joe, the girl is mia

a bluejay and a red raven
they land on a wooden fence
listening to words of Heaven


a sparrow and a swallow
they appear in princess Samba's dream
building a magpie bridge for William