Thursday, December 14, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Dog Year

we sail our boats
far or near
absorbing sea salt
knowing the destination near

we hear voices
we respond with cheer
when Alan, William, Chris, Robert, Benny, Jerry, Peter, Joel, Barack, Donald, and Nicholas smile,
I laugh, feel good like a wild crockdile

William College
Stanford University,
University of Washington at Seattle

all seem good friends
I add University of Tulsa to my honor
knowing Princeton University, U of Arkansas, U of Kansas, Georgia Institute of Technology,
what a merry Christmas upon lovely colleagues

Marywood University
U of California at Riverside,
Providence University,
Sun Yat-Sen, Jinan,. Beijing Normal, Capital Normal,
they are part of my confidence

nest time,
I will remember Peking University,
I will sing songs of U of Chicago
and put a good word on Northwestern University