Wednesday, December 28, 2016

a powerful rescue root at right moments for the day

merry christmas
great thanks to
Travis Clark,
Zachary Shields
for theri service

a day without kitchen sink smooth run
is a day of sadness, and losing friends
we have fun
when Yunmai scale measure my weight
as 74.5kg or 73.7kg,
about 149 or 147.4 pounds

happy new year
gateway tire and robert Dijkgraaf
what a fun to ride a horse on sleigh
and get a Christmas gift
by Santa Pickard and Drumwright
wow, Kris Steele, Deanna Smith, Kathleen O'Toole, and Maggie Olsen

yes, we love holidays
and no, we do not want any car accident
American airline will fly midwest
from Dallas to Chicago
from San Francisco to Austin
and we love Bo Ellis and David Lassner

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Monday, December 19, 2016

short story slam week 59, friends and relatives around Yufan, xiaotao, Austra, Japan, Taipei, Yichang, Sashi, and Yuekou

short story slam week 59, friends and relatives around Yufan,
xiaotao, Austra, Japan, Taipei, Yichang, Sashi, and Yuekou

very interesting family,
Biden, Barry, Singer, Stein, Blair, Clancy, Fisher, Page, Schmidly, Henry, Obama, Trump, Faust...

so, a small college freshman has friends,
a young couple has cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents, and offsprings

when we know Ashley and Howard Krein,
we know John Kerry, Joe Biden, Craig Robinson, Chelsea Kim, Megan Barry, Thomas Perez

a list maybe not enough
thinking of James Park, Michael Arrington, Jimmy Chow, Jill Tracy Biden, and Nicholas Dirks

maybe Dick Chenney, Martha Minow, Newton Norman Minow, and Mike Pence care,
maybe Jerry Yang, David Filo, Robert Aslipungoe, Chris Shrock, and Tao Zhu mind

let's dance our dance
 and roll the dice all the way from Rome to Boston

Sam Lux
Chris Raun
Braxton Noble
Abbey Wood
aime Wood
Adam Dustus
Anna Pierce
Anthony Sim
Ben Sell
Benjamin Lanners
Benny Lanners
Chris Spruce
Chris Thomas
Christina Li
Chris Dean
Cynthia Brown
Nathan Brown
Ann Darr
Daniel Lee
David Hofferberger
Jim Cogdell
Dylan Han
Elizabeth Tisdale
Esther Kwak
Gaylor Foster
Uwe Gordon
Engler Hans
Iain Kirshke
Jack Wood
Jacob Waugh
Jen Hair Joe Lee
Jose Lin
Joshua topham
Kennedy Patrick
Kevin Jeon
Kylin Wang
Lauren Reece
Leslie Han
Lizzie M
Logan Roy
Maddyson Allgood
Meredith Blecha Wells
Micah Goodson
Batalie Bitch
Nathan J
Neel Rao
Nick Murphy
Oniell Garcia
Philip Hwang
Rchi Rhdes
Richard Dick Yang
Rylan Carney
Sam Kerns
Senta Wang
Sheng Wu
Shengwei Huang
sienna Forest
Teddy Nullert
Tim Dai
Tim Lee
Trent Passmore
Tuzo Bmarumba
Wesley Yee
William Gates
Willie Krajicek
Wimberly wise
Zachary Bogue
Max Barry
Ashley Biden
Howard Krein
James Brainbiden
Cuffe Biden Owens
Beau Biden
Hunter Biden
Naomi Biden
Kathleen Biden
Naisy Biden
Finnegan Biden
Haillie Biden
Batalie Biden
Alana Jaquest Biden
Catherine Eugenia Finnegan
Joseph Biden Sr.
Louise Casl Hunter
Robert Neil Hunter
Neilla Hunter
Meghan McCain
William McCain
William Gazecki
John McCain
Cinday McCain
Bridget McCain
Andrew McCain
Andrew Slip
James McCain
 Sidney McCain
Douglas McCain
Jacque Fresco
roxanne Meadows
Larry King
Sheila Nevins
Paul Rothchild
Fan Bowen
Fan Min
Hu Qiao
Hu Lin
Wu Linlin
Wu Jing
bingyu Yu
Bing Ma
Bing Li
Yan Li
Mark Zuckerburg
Peng Zuo
Ying Liu
Sansan Yang
Mimi Yang
Gu Juji
Mira Singer
Laszlo Stein
Mariet Nguyen
Grace Lu
Alex Rolling
Malia Obama
Sasha obama
Jenna Bush
Barbara Bush
Henry Hager
Chelsea Clinton
Jennifer Stone
Nina Copley
Barbara Boyd
Han Zhe