Wednesday, May 25, 2016

short story slam week 44, knowing about jesus, and learn about faith and security code

Jesus has contacted me
Via UT at Austin, Cathy Lin, Tomothy Lam,
Via Jiahui, Alen, Zhikang, Yingcong, Lixin, Amanda, Richard, Tifany, and Willie

Jesus has inspired me
Through Bibble studies, i hear Lily, Matthew, John, Mary, Joseph,
i support Ruth's Bookstore

Jesus has guided me
when I fall short on Real Analysis and Abstract Algebra,
when I feel discouraged by envious folks

Jesus has saved me
as I sail the water along with Tortoise, Jin Fish, and Grey Ducks
i feel grateful about Texas, El Paso, Jean Bona

Jesus has forgiven me
when I try to walk away, thinking of myself as a master
to my living being, and to my personal goals

Jesus has motivated us
when Peter Constantin, Hannah Constantin, and Jerry Bona stretch their hands,
when Samuel Steveson and Rufus Gong survive blue sea

Jesus has reminded me of faith
God is the light, God is the pain reliver,
Thanksgiving day to Neva Whitney and Kayla Lindsey

i pray to God,
say God Bless You,
and I spend my days and nights worshiping spiritual holy hood.

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Image result for jesus 

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Image result for university of texas el paso   

  kayla lindsey  kmae is cute, good luck

  Mr. Whiteney and Mrs. Whiteney, Neva is cool,

Monday, May 16, 2016

shadow shot sunday 2, sunday's whirligig, abc wednesday, r is for rooster, and

a trailer... 

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 Black and White Wednesdays

 My Memory Art 
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a trailer, a tow truck,
a fire, a drama

black and white wednesday now,
innuendo rooster card, crowing cow

minnisota, alliance of peacemakers,
purple and black, blonde and grey, white and brown

bewildered hand shakes
touching stonewall and cunning solar energy

wrestling, fleeces, waxing, angel bells, and gymnastics
kids kingdom, Richmond, toni, ewu, tifany, lucy, and kayla

R is for ring of oak tree,
R is for red lobster and ruth's book store

blessed and beyond our reach,
wild geese flee south with wild cats

barteville and skiatook, norman, chandlers, wuxi, macau,
owasso, ponca city, tulsa, guangzhou, hong kong nepal,

indigo blue sky
pale face, blind eye

Whirligig 59 

  photo 131abb23-edea-45bd-9f82-2ae508cba984_zpsgo4hgff5.jpg  

R is for Rooster,

Do Peace, Not War...Start Today, You, She, He, They, We, and I (Write, Think, Drive, Inspire, and Say Many Thanks to You All) (May 4th, 2016-June 5, 2018) Year Five NO5)
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Image result for peacemakers