Saturday, April 30, 2016

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83, the tie between Wuhan Tie Siyuan, and Paris duck pond

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Peng Mei E and Yang Qing Ming,
hometown biscuit, fried pan cakes, oily, yummy

Shuai Dasi and Shuai Jialiang,
father and son, a chef cook, and a first class scholar

Shuai Jin E and Kimberly Henry,
A good girl and a charming unicon, they are sister alike

Guo Jiaochun and Peng Chunzhi,
a Yuekou girl, a woman of grace, bringing in neighborly friendship

Cai Jiuxiang and Hou Jiuzhi,
the spouses of Hu Songzhi and Yang Guoping, they are cousins

Peng Fusheng and Sun Honglan,
one is airport staff, one is Basket Market owner to Amy's cafe, both sing music of Nashville

He Jiaying and Jiu Quansen,
A Harvard College president and a Beijing Normal University mathematician, they good

Wu Aimei and Hong Jin,
one from Guangzhou, one from Xiamen, two birds of Mucun Guan and Tao Yuan

Xu Jianying and Mengya Weiersine
A Ma Yingjiu relative and a Stephen Wrighton and Elisha You friend

Yang Yu Er and Kong Hongbing,
the young and the faithful, they remind us of Yang Guoping (Xihu) and Peng Pingzhi (widow)

Peng Zhongqiang and Yan Ju Er,
both preserving recycle materials and their spirits circle around Yuan He, Wang Chang, and Yu Fan

Sheng Wu and Peng Chuanwa,
a nephew, an aunt, the bond extends to Lucien Sharyl, Thomas Pickens, and William Adams

Anjali Pichai and Kathleen wilson,
a first lady and a german woman, both are elegant to Gloria Page, Zhu Qun E, and Priscilla Chan

Dai Yonghui and Bie Chang E,
tall, outgoing, brave, great mother to their sons, they inspire Zhu Taozhi, Wu Huilan, and Peng Cai E

Ray Smith, Steve Wood, Chris Shrock, Xifan Liu, Sue Dick, Larry Gosney, Scott Leming,
very beautiful addition to our Duck Pond experience and to Thomas Wu and Eric Wood

Chase Carter, Pam Davis, Rick Davis, Michelle Charles, Jim Gunn, Gina Noble,
Financial group and locale citizenship leadership staff, they do carry great mind


Saturday, April 16, 2016

poetry rally week 83, the perfect inquiry on all aspects of mountain view, california

 Hyde Park Poetry

i bet some folks enjoy writing,
writing on walls, to shake off their emotional burden

i know this person from google,
who writes Eric Schmidt, along with Jared Cohen,

I also know this Jonathan Rosenberg, who publishes
under Li Hongzhang, including Alan Eagle, Larry Page, and Benji Brinn

it is a long time process to turn an empty space into a campus
where Wendy, Beryl, Alison, Sophie, Emily, Marianno, and Anthony

some terms read interesting,
Patrick Pichette, CFO, 2008, that counts as funny position

what happens then when you step up, make a decision,
when I continue my research,  i discover Udi Manber, Adi Alon

pick a few more,
we learn from Charles Darwin, Robert Noyce, Jeff Huber, and Vint Cerf

we find that technology company involves lots of others,
Motorola, At & T, Verizon, Urs Holzle, Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Facebook

Andy Grove enjoys being part of nooglers,
Paul Buchheit, Sam Stein, Alan Robinson, John Patterson, Susan Wojcicki, rise

it is like playing in an orchestra,
the group of players are empowered to uniform their voices

a record on a small portion of how google works,
which sets them apart from others,

thanks to lots of search engine inventors,
Guy Prier, Kelsey Henry, Carmeisa Downey, Jim Kaat, Diego Flaquer, and Dave Smith

Francis Tuttle technology,
Bob Kicks become well known by adding Diana Baldwin to Edmond Sun

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig, word composition and a free framed verse

Whirligig 55

   photo f0e0ed7a-f2aa-439d-8b18-d2aabda429f1_zpsaji0iqni.jpg 

thunder storm
blue ants farm

whining news
miles of loose pants

green lawn
the mower dining on scattered hairs

good move
ballet shoes

red wine
yellow parrots

by the end of the day,
a car hackathon representation makes the time grand

white chalks
black boards

epsilon and garma
rome letters speak

vague views
eyes confuse

indoor and dry
stir and fry

evening reading done
sweet dreams to dan