Thursday, February 25, 2016

short story slam week 39, some press information

by looking at a few books,
we find publishing houses

beside new york city random house,
we also now penguin house

a book is done by create space
which could lead to some wondrous peeks

a poetry collection from lulu com
is often related to amazon dot com

now, we list Beacon Press, Robert Cover,
Erin Morris Miller, Michael Bisesi, Joe Singer

Boston, Cambridge, Yale Universiity,
New york the New Press

Newton Norman Minow, Drew Gilpin Faust
Barack Dunham Obama, Sasha Robinson Obama

Kirkus Reviews, Burton Minow,
George Washington Law REview

Cornell University Press
Nancy Colt, Elizabeth Speiman, Steven Hahn

John Harvard, Smith College
Hendrik Hartog, university of Wisconsin

Susan Moller Okin, William Cooper,
Christabel Follett Smith, Jane Kennedy

Louisanne State University
James Henry Hammond, Sid Hudson and Vanessa Hudson

Njoki Mwarumba, Wendi Knowles, Barbara Baranski,
Diane Liabi, Robbie Kienzie, Bob Arani, Jim Hill 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

short story slam week 38: stories on Hanlon, New Hampshire, Dartmouth College

short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky

despite the history on Woo,
we do recall Buckingham Palace, Princeton Mathematicians

despite University of Chicago, Robert Zimmers,
we do value Michael Murphy, Kevin Hanlon, and Tina Hanlon

despite Teresa Burke, Rick Perry from Texas ranch,
We do support Jeb Bush, Vanessa Bush, and Carl Victor Page

today, New Hampshire is anew with spiritual wings,
my dream goes high upon the attention of Gail and Philip Hanlon

when Hanover city connects to Topeka city,
our friends Feng Fu, Feng Dequan, Feng Kong speak in term of civic manners

Although Frank Wang, Xifan Liu, Chris Shrock, and Ruibo Li wonder,
we let them fly without doubts on Tom Lee, John Chambers, and Burns Hargis

Mary Fallin agress with Brad Henry,
Kimberly Henry impresses GoJo and Stoko products

I am sure Michael Hanlon, Patrik Hanlon, and Maureen Hanlon are talented folks,
I am sure that Tina Hanlon, Theresa Hanlon, and Cornor Hanlon relate

When Darlton Hunt promotes books, 
Kim Hunt, Keegan Hanlon,  Jill Moreno Wilson Wu, and Ann Hargis exam new york Brooklyn

check out Pat Quinn, Jerry Brown,
let us dream about Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Berkeley ....

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