Monday, November 23, 2015

some nonsenses on thanksgiving and holiday vacation

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  My Memory Art

A Mouse Always Seek wise Owls 
A child always asks for adult
Sea World is a way out,
the water fun speaks of signt-seeing-about
seeds to be sowed in spring
field to be plowed in Dublin
words to be spoken in English
places to be explored via blogging
happy father's day, Carolyn would say,
enjoy your valentine, Gloria would pray,
Send mom flowers, Jules decides so,
Take a vacation, Sheryl agrees then
California air is fresh, Christopher concludes,
Disney world is fun, Barack announces,
Legoland is very interesting, Joe types,
Time for gratefulness celebration, Laura thinks 
 Pack, Drive, Park, Fly, and Smile!
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Image result for quiznos meals

Image result for quiznos meals

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Prompts: nothing is more fulfilling than a short story and a free verse

Darkness [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

ragged morning frowns
when fuji mountain yells at us,
calling for Tokyo attention

rock forest tilts their heads to threatening wars,
they mean the strong tides against or between Italy and Germany,
truce, respect, space, and peaceful dialogues mix with dark thoughts

unsightly Peru, Brazil, and Cuba immigrants join in,
foreign language classes are crowded,
Emily, Moreno, Samba, and Matilda leave their Halloween costumes behind.

 Geometric shadows

 ragged, threatening, unsightly

3WW Week No. 452