Saturday, October 17, 2015

no fear of scary day celebration

Short Story Slam Prompt 31

I am in cheerymood
due to a ticket to hollywood
I am hard as chestnut
because no sour weather can crack me 

I write snow days inside my lung,
I pin donkey tails on elephant horn,
I send request of relevant information to Greenwood
I appreciate Steve, Nathan, Sierra, Teresa, Moreno, and Emily driftwood

yes, a carpenter is a man of smith on wood craft,
a poet is a writer who plays with words too many,
a child is someone who is uncertain about parents,
a spouse is someone who often doubts the partners' intention

halloween is a day for scary views,
i dress myself with lots of coldwater fashion,
i clean my kitchen with many Kitchen AID dishwasher,
i walk out to the peeking owl with much satisfaction