Monday, October 5, 2015

amazing grace

people speak,
they voucher for human equality,
but they somewhat lack technology,
because decisions could not be made by one single civilian

black long pants,
brown leather saddles,
a green jacket,
a warm comfort

uchicago stays put,
bentonville welcomes all visitors,
there are things unsaid,
there are pain undone

stephan and kathleen wilson,
steve and nikki woodman,
morgan, iris, and moses draw women,
university of Princeton  pauses for amazing grace

PS: the pass away of susan constantin from october 5, 2012 to october 5, 2015 makes me think of life, a woman who supports her husband and her children shall not yield to a bad sickness,
a cancer may kill life, the spirit remains, and the love lingers to inspire people to think
of ordinary citizens, hunger for fame and money indeed imapcts us, but none shall attempt murder
or threatening to obtain all...respect men, respect elderly, respect those who have academic credentials....peace and blessings to those who survive

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