Sunday, April 26, 2015

black beans

red or black beans,
rich in everything that sings
a cup of bean soup serves.
aspen coffee,
cvs and pharmacy with Bryce,
Fuzy's fajita is cool.

 Less landfill, improved soil: free coffee grounds for gardeners

 Red kidney beans 1

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the past that sparks lust

no hand holding,
no dating,
no conversation,
no love imagination.
some lords pay attention
to a shy civilian,
they stare, they evaluate,
they joke, and they tease
kindness falls
when she is in a pitfall
thanks to Raochang middle school
Xiantao, Jianli, Luxi, Yufan, Li chang, Rao Chang,
Zhang chang, Tian Men, Dai Hang, Heiliu, Xihu, Qiqiao,
Jinlin, Xu Village, Yuanhe, Zhonghe, Shen Nong Jia...
and Youzhi Cheng, Young Cheng, Li Cheng, Mingrong Rao