Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Green Apple Falls Down

a green apple sits high
on a youthful tree,
a boy comes over to admire it
and the apple won't agree.
"why don't you come down
and let me eat you alone."
the boy blinks his eyes, giving a frown...
and what happens next is:
the green apple waves its arms,
" I won't!" "I won't, please."
an owl comes hooting,
a big wind blows,
the round green apple tree gets loose, shivering,
it then falls down, kissing the meadows,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

am i perfect? a perfect poetry award for a not so perfect individual, that's great incentives.

am I lost? this is not Alice wonderland,  not Walt Disney magical kingdom. this is an online home, which hosts poetry, and a home connects to another home, with a bigger house hosting hundreds of poems and poets, amazing technology, agree?

so, i am given a perfect poet award, which posted by Benji Barratt Clark Twohill Sullivan, a sprouting blogger, who braves his way to poets rally blog and makes us think that; he is no soft tofu also.  i do appreciate this person, and take his encouragement, for next poets rally, i nominate

Robin Elizabeth, her poetry is full of deep pondering and sharp skills...good luck.

There is no way to convince her,
there is no way to ignore her,
there is no way to confuse her,
there is no way to disrespect her.
there is always a way to clarify things,
there is always a way to sharpen our pens,
there is always a way to go beyond spring,
there is always a way to skyrocket our thoughts.
poetry is our way,
poetry is our friend.