Monday, December 28, 2015

Haysville Sun-Times

Sam Jack
Bruce Armstrong
Amy Houston
Travis Mounts
Michael Buhler
Jon Greenlee
Julie Dombo
Judy Hollis
James Oltman
Paul Rhoders
Abbygail Wells
Peggy Griffith
Lenora Larson
Kevin Ogle
Amelia Wilson
Jill Moreno Wilson Wu
Sheng Wu
Ari Wood
Jemma Wood
Patti Wood
Nikki Wood
Maggie Ponce
Steve Wood
Abbey Wood
Tom Lee
Tom Barlow
Tommy Chau
Jiahong Wu
Hounian Peng
Simei Yan
Min Wang
Lexin Peng
Yuewan Peng
Qiangjiao Kong
Yongcai Yang
Huijiao Hu
Jintao Hu
Liyuan Peng
Jinping Xi
Mingze Xi

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

shadow shot sunday on Christmas Blue

some Christmas blue...

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days and nights
positives and negatives
all force contrasts
when it comes to Christmas,
blue moon contributes beers,
parents, siblings, or mentors give you freedom of gifts
blue light,
green pine,
together red hat rocks.
poems speak,
music sing,
words fail when actions obtain.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

mian yang, hubei and yufan village

lots of food here,

honoring Fan Bowen, Fan Yunqing, Fan Min, wu Sheng, Wu Tom, Wu Jialiang, Wu Linin, Wu Jing, Kong qiangjiao,
and Wu Aihong....

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Monday, November 23, 2015

some nonsenses on thanksgiving and holiday vacation

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  My Memory Art

A Mouse Always Seek wise Owls 
A child always asks for adult
Sea World is a way out,
the water fun speaks of signt-seeing-about
seeds to be sowed in spring
field to be plowed in Dublin
words to be spoken in English
places to be explored via blogging
happy father's day, Carolyn would say,
enjoy your valentine, Gloria would pray,
Send mom flowers, Jules decides so,
Take a vacation, Sheryl agrees then
California air is fresh, Christopher concludes,
Disney world is fun, Barack announces,
Legoland is very interesting, Joe types,
Time for gratefulness celebration, Laura thinks 
 Pack, Drive, Park, Fly, and Smile!
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Prompts: nothing is more fulfilling than a short story and a free verse

Darkness [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

ragged morning frowns
when fuji mountain yells at us,
calling for Tokyo attention

rock forest tilts their heads to threatening wars,
they mean the strong tides against or between Italy and Germany,
truce, respect, space, and peaceful dialogues mix with dark thoughts

unsightly Peru, Brazil, and Cuba immigrants join in,
foreign language classes are crowded,
Emily, Moreno, Samba, and Matilda leave their Halloween costumes behind.

 Geometric shadows

 ragged, threatening, unsightly

3WW Week No. 452

Saturday, October 17, 2015

no fear of scary day celebration

Short Story Slam Prompt 31

I am in cheerymood
due to a ticket to hollywood
I am hard as chestnut
because no sour weather can crack me 

I write snow days inside my lung,
I pin donkey tails on elephant horn,
I send request of relevant information to Greenwood
I appreciate Steve, Nathan, Sierra, Teresa, Moreno, and Emily driftwood

yes, a carpenter is a man of smith on wood craft,
a poet is a writer who plays with words too many,
a child is someone who is uncertain about parents,
a spouse is someone who often doubts the partners' intention

halloween is a day for scary views,
i dress myself with lots of coldwater fashion,
i clean my kitchen with many Kitchen AID dishwasher,
i walk out to the peeking owl with much satisfaction

Monday, October 5, 2015

amazing grace

people speak,
they voucher for human equality,
but they somewhat lack technology,
because decisions could not be made by one single civilian

black long pants,
brown leather saddles,
a green jacket,
a warm comfort

uchicago stays put,
bentonville welcomes all visitors,
there are things unsaid,
there are pain undone

stephan and kathleen wilson,
steve and nikki woodman,
morgan, iris, and moses draw women,
university of Princeton  pauses for amazing grace

PS: the pass away of susan constantin from october 5, 2012 to october 5, 2015 makes me think of life, a woman who supports her husband and her children shall not yield to a bad sickness,
a cancer may kill life, the spirit remains, and the love lingers to inspire people to think
of ordinary citizens, hunger for fame and money indeed imapcts us, but none shall attempt murder
or threatening to obtain all...respect men, respect elderly, respect those who have academic credentials....peace and blessings to those who survive

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

a book with color interior by annapolis blackehs montuwa

Magical Notes on Mad Cat King Number V

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