Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Poem by Heather Burns : You Kept Your Promise Prose

On an August morning not so long ago.
I was making myself busy, starting
to run my errands for the day.

The sun was brightly shining. It was
a beautiful day.I felt more lite and
happier than usual.

I had just left my home, driving my
car. I was alone, windows open, when
suddenly a cool breeze blew in my face.

I felt a presence enter my car, taking
up space in the passengers seat.I
felt as though someone had entered the
car with me. I instantly glanced in that
direction to check it out. The seat was
empty, but the presence was strong and
lingered for several seconds.

Thoughts began to run through my mind.
I remembered words once spoken to me.I
will never leave you, like your shadow,
I'll be with you always, I promise. I
whispered something in return.

Just as quickly as it came, it was gone.
I was emotionally spent. Tears filled my
eyes I was forced to stop the car, and
gain my composure.

Oh face of yesterday, you kept your promise.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Sen. Bernice Shedrick Library

The Sen. Bernice Shedrick Library is the focal point of the OSSM campus and the first building that visitors see when they enter the main gate. Students use the library as a quiet and visually inviting atmosphere in which to study. The library features a boardroom and adjoining kitchenette, conference room, 14 administrative offices, media production room, classroom, campus computer center, security office and space for 50,000 volumes of books and texts. Occasionally, the library accommodates students and parents during special events, as well as allows community groups and businesses to gather for meetings and presentations.