Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We Head for Motel Sonesta! Notes on Newark, Princeton, New Jersey…

Tulsa international airport,
Hilton Garden Inn,
United plane, taking off at 6:10am.
Rainy morning, misty views,
Sailing above and within foggy air,
Eyes are too tired to stare.
A cup of warm coffee,
Window seat, gate 10 /5D,
The plane starts to tax before I’m ready.
9:55am, floor 2 Gate 4,
Car rental expectations, Machu Wok,
Almost an hour of waiting and phoning.
Park Plus near Newark airport,
A Ford car, a slice of Italian  Pizza,
Zig-zg, stops and goes, we head for motel Sonesta.
Adam Davis || Armitage Richard
                                                Baltimore Salem         Bowman “Spike” Marion
                                              Carson City                       Charles Chao
                                            Delaine Buzingo                   Daniel Christman
                                          Eun Ku Ja                                Eastman Abe
                                        Fei (Fayette) Wang                       Fu Mingxia
                                      Garret Christian                               George Tenet
                                    Houston Wilcoxen                               Hayden Michael
                                   Ismail Khan                                            Ingham Park Jacob
                                  Jared Kerr                                                  James Jones
                                Kaylee Morrison                                             Kellie Rong
                              Larissa Dawes                                                     Lorrie Vanttage
                           Mary Lawson                                                           Marc Grossman
                           Noah Star                                                               Nesbitt Wanda
                              Omaha Berlin Castro                                          Oxytrol Lars Ponce
                                 Pria Carlos                                                     Peffers Michael
                                   Qingming Yang                                          Qiuping Guan
                                      Rachael Ellis                                         Roton Daniel
                                         Seminary Hodson Dong                  Sano John McCormick
                                           Topeka Campis Barney                Tara Shell Stanley
                                              Umatt Lemond Fran                Ujit Manolor
                                                Vlad Vicol Xi                        Vina Lee Peng
                                                  Will Fite Hu                      Will Roger
                                                    Xizhen Liu                     Xiaoling Mo
                                                      Yasuyo Ishikawa        Youfu Tang
                                                       Zhongchi zhang || Zaiqiu Jiang

Friday, April 11, 2014

Drag Khartoum To Seaface

A Han group member,
Arsher Petree keeps wondering about things,
By attending college and graduate school,
She knows bar graph, charts, curves, theories, lemmas, proposals,
as well as pesticide, FBI, pentagon, dress code, Russian, Korean, and field studies.

Khartoum in Sudan does connect to Arsher's experiences,
Many women from Sudan are proud of Khartoum and its culture,
and they have published books reflecting some of Arsher's beliefs.
Khartoum higher institutions are major factory to better educated Sudan writers.

Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America form five major continents,
Khartoum citizens are known by their hall of fame honor roll
and by their attitude toward those living outside Sudan.
Group intelligence and its wisdom glitter like twinkling stars.

Scan and zoom on some of those individuals who are big enough to show their faces,
we find that they do tickle us by the way their names are spelled:
Aleah Holt, Tena Hunter, David Djie, Laura Khalil, Jill Hunt, Joseph Alvarez, Jim Halligan,
Ronald Wand, Kaifu Li, Leila Aboulela, Xiaojia Shen, Dai Xu, Amin Maalouf, Lola Han,
Linjun Ping, Jim Khalili, Shengxin Xiong, Terry Alford, Yalin Xu, Xin Zhao, Mary Fallin,
Renzhong Xu, Omer Al-Bashir, Zeidan, Kate Middleton, Nagwa Elamin, Marissa Mayer...


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trenton At New Jersey

Trenton is a city at New Jersey,
Just like city Elizabeth there,
It reminds me a boy named Trenton,
A childhood baseball and basketball peer,
The time spent on his youth football game is dear.
I do honor Trenton,
The same as to Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton.

Birthday party at OKC,
Fishing trip at Kansas,
Movies from Hastings,
Gym and Pizza time at Kids Kingdom,
What a treat to know his family name
and Trenton deserves New Jersey Hall of fame,
Whenever I visit Peter Constantin and Princeton University,
I am reminded the place called Trenton, a celebrity.

Bless Timothy, Jeanne, Trenton, Tim Passmore,
Pratic, DP Jin Wei, Craig, Tom at Marywood and Dunmore,
New Jersey, Newark, New Brunswick, Scranton, Cranston, Trenton,
Chaogui, Thomas Kent, Dhanapati Adhikari, Everhart, Princeton,
Grand places,
Solid tie,
Different races,
What big apple pie!