Saturday, August 10, 2013

Love Is Not Facts (Everything Is Relative)

Gold is not real,
Neither is silver,
Mathematicians know the facts,
one plus one is equal to two,
two plus two is equal to four,
But these won't work in Rome,
or at Heaven and in mind,
A gold medal cannot relate to
a fixed number of cash (number)
because it depends on countries,
and types of the games one plays in.
Love is not true,
and never strict as numbers,
Love is not free,
Those who claim loving
usually calculate one's moves like a prisoner,
Lovers lie and act like a fool,
Conditions or circumstances count,
it's impossible to prove that
what algebraist can teach us about truth.
Don't think much,
Follow your common sense,
There's love in the moment of wondering,
Keeping going when your emotions
get confirmed in some degree,
See the big picture,
Be Quiet,
Do put your partner first,
That's love for now.