Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Writing Woods In Me (Me=Myself=Wo), Clinton= Ke Lin Den

I have been reading
roomful of books,
and have penned down
ocean of words,
on Heaven, earth,
you and me,
life or death.
Thoughts drive pass me
like cars on busy
streets, each has a
brand and races with
its unique direction
and impression,
making memories.
My pen has filled
papers with mountain
high lines,
some of my work
hop to computer
and speak to
and I still feel the urge
to let the over-flowing
water run down my fingers.
and I dine
on the very favorite ones.

Monday, June 10, 2013

If There Is A Scheme by Racho Mirage


If there is a scheme,
Perhaps because orchards after the first
rain are too, loving a daydream,
July's night sky glitter with stars,
Further than that, differing
planets rotate in limitless grace,
Halting bitterish friends
from turning off a switch on the flying
subway, with wheels screeching
against the rails,
Clouds blink their eyes
when the light is back
on again.