Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Willis Beggs

Did I reach the pinnacle of success,
Friends of Spoon River?
Did thrift, industry, courage, honesty
used for the increase of the canning works
Become other than thrift, industry, courage, honesty
as applied to the canning works?
Are the mechantics of civilization
Civilization itself?
Or are they tools with which factories may be built,
Or Parthenons?
I fashioned my own prison, friends of Spoon River;
I put walls between myself and happiness,
Except the happiness of work.
And all the while I could look out of a window
upon an America perishing for life,
Never to be attained
by thrift, industry, and courage
Dedicated to the canning works!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mitchell Vicyanew

This is my point:
Do what you can do to love,
Without calculating,
The season of harvest
will be on the calendar
in visual distance!