Friday, August 31, 2012

Hopelessness On Time: Not All Fruits Are Juicy Like Tomatoes

Week 71 The Perfect Poet List: Enjoy! Hyde Park poetry nominated me for the perfect poet award, 
i am grateful and humbly take it, thanks for the encouragements, i nominate Taylor Kong Boomer 
for week 72 award, enjoy... 

At age 9, I thought of outer space,
but I didn't know
that time in Heaven is counted
differently than time on earth,
one hour in paradise is one day at home.
At age 17, I thought of reliving my days,
But I failed to do so
because time goes forward only,
Each day I have wasted has been killing
my dreams of future,
I must master time to be active.
At age 45, I thought of time traveling,
extending to age 57, and I see
that I cannot change the past,
Yet I can shape the years to come
to feel the shape of time in big picture.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Yawho, I Love Thinking of Yan, Ji, or Jiyan and Chuanhui Peng On Intelligent Level

Peng (Chinese: ; pinyin: Péng) is a common Chinese family name, ranking 35th popular

On Yan Huiqing; The President of The Republic of China

Yan Huiqing  (also known as W.W. Yan) 顏惠慶 (1877-1950) was a Chinese writer, politician, and diplomat from Shanghai.
A graduate of the University of Virginia, he taught the English language at Saint John's University, Shanghai in a short time after coming back from the United States and then went to Beijing to start his political career. It was in the US he became a Freemason.
He served as premier five times and simultaneously as acting president on his last premiership in 1926. Wu Peifu handpicked him for the acting presidency to pave the way for Cao Kun's restoration but he was unable to take office due to Zhang Zuolin's objection. When Yan finally took his post, he immediately resigned and appointed navy minister Du Xigui as his successor.

On Yan the state or nation, Republic of China

Yān (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: pinyin: Yān) was a state during the Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods of Chinese history.[2][3] Its capital was Ji (nowadays Beijing, also known as Yanjing, or Peking, "capital of Yan").[4] During the Warring States period, the capital was also moved to its lower capital at Xiadu at times, which was the largest city in terms of area at the time.[5]
The history of Yan began in the Western Zhou (1046–771 BC). After the authority of the Zhou king declined during the Spring and Autumn Period (771 to 403 BC), Yan survived and became one of the strongest states in China. During the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), Yan was one of the last states to be conquered by the armies of Qin Shihuang: Yan fell in 222 BC, immediately before the founding of the Qin dynasty (221-207 BC). Yan experienced a brief period of independence after the collapse of the Qin dynasty, but was eventually absorbed by the victorious Western Han Dynasty (202 BC – 9 AD).


Movie Jiyan, 2002
The Tune of Air (Kong Qi or Kong Ji)


The mystic tune of melodious air,
Shimmering brightly in perennial softness,
With breaths of insatiable desire,
Like a golden harp beside me,
Flowing past my eyes; smothering all sorrows,
Entitling its presence to my skin,
With showers of silken delight to follow.
The path of air inside me,
Imprisons me with a wave of hope,
Briskly striding over a mountain of sadness,
Subsiding every iota of pain,
Enveloping my whole being in a languid manner,
Making surplus availability of exuberant thoughts,
To say goodbye to me.
That blazing rumble of soft movement,
Tickles my conscience astride,
Offering its red hot tenacity,
To the liquid of rage inside me,
Penetrating me with slow viscosity,
Determining my fate to advance,
Placing me in an abysmal dilemma,
Like the dexterous string of elastic bow

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love Is Not Real....

Gold is not real,
Neither is silver,
Mathematicians know the facts,
one plus one is equal to two,
two plus two is equal to four,
But these won't work in Rome,
or at Heaven and in mind,
A gold medal cannot relate to
a fixed number of cash (number)
because it depends on countries,
and types of the games one plays in.
Love is not true,
and never strict as numbers,
Love is not free,
Those who claim loving
usually calculate one's moves like a prisoner,
Lovers lie and act like a fool,
Conditions or circumstances count,
it's impossible to prove that
what algebraist can teach us about truth.
Don't think much,
Follow your common sense,
There's love in the moment of wondering,
Keeping going when your emotions
get confirmed in some degree,
See the big picture,
Be Quiet,
Do put your partner first,
That's love for now.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Game Dynamics (Keep Laughing)


Edwardo was shooting the skeet
His accuracy couldn't be beat,
He'd trained with some thugs
Who distributed drugs
And he sharpened his aim on the street!

The hurdlers picked up the pace
And then one crashed out of the race
The crowd rose as one
Then saw what he'd done:
His kneecap stuck out of his face!

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