Monday, July 30, 2012

Currency (For Short Story Slam 23RD Week)

I stare at the lines
until the tangible thoughts
pop up
where i put my hand-drawing on papers.
The ones who have their seats
occupied by invaders
will be known as
"Madder" or "Blue Horn".
Sweet rounded
shoulders of the drive way,
Clothed with pieces
of metal and broken glasses.
The projected
future perfect retrospect,
and incredible sequence
of articulated sores.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ode To University of Arkansas 55TH Senior High Music Camp (July 20, 2012)

Rain of string music falls in Watson Art Hall
as University of Arkansas
Senior Summer Music Camp opens its door,
Fans of Junior High School orchestra students
sit still,
Letting those talented musicians
glitter this July 20th,
under unbeatable will,
Conductors speak,
honoring both students and faculty,
Administrative talk,
on behalf of husbands, wives, and many a family,
Applauds thunder with each halt,
Bitterish expressions vanish behind cheerful crowd,
Friends grin,
Groups gather to learn;
Skills differ,
Teamwork shall matter;
The first chair players are encouraged,
The alternative members are taught to be engaged,
The passion for music grows the orchards,
As clouds of daydreaming settle the cards,
The game is exciting,
The outcome is celebrating.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fujian (Fiction For Fun)

 I become
quite addicted
to you, dear-
my hands in your hair.
my cheeks-
your breasts, heartbeats...
my ears-
your lips, wet contacts...
our world-
alone, soulful, and unforgettable.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

For My Father, With Love! (Short Story Slam Week 22)


The winter is cold with wrinkles and blank stares,
I’m not home for the break,
Father comes with curiosity and wonders on his second son,
We cook egg noodle soups to warm our hearts,
And take a walk at the people’s square,
I’m busy with my personal agendas,
Part of me misses my time with J,
Father buys some oranges himself,
My heart jumps with regrets:
Feeling sorry for not being able to meet his small deeds,
A long summer comes and is gone,
With father’s remarks urging J and I getting married,
And with myself lost in the pursuit of American dreams,
I would meet my father once more when I’ve gone home in this summer of 1992,
Then I will read my father’s words through mails hand written by him,
Later, in a year…showing how much he loves his son and feels proud of my achievements,
My body shakes with pain
When I realize that I have lost him forever,
Being a father myself, I eventually understand my own father and his love...
I wish he has discovered his sickness earlier,
I wish I have done more to show my love for him,
I wish I have been rich enough to buy him outlandish foods to share…
I love my father, and with this, I hope that he knows my heart,
Peace…Happy Belated Father’s Day from Your Son!

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