Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Texas Road House Dinner Chains: The Promising Food With A Pleasant Future Beyond The Pacific Ocean!

TEXAS ROADHOUSE is one of the fastest
growing Dinner House Chains
and is searching for legendary people
to help support their legendary growth.
Free Peanuts at Doorsteps,
Musical Dances by Servants
Texas Road  House
2000 N. Perkins Road,
Stillwater, OK 74075
(405) 707-7427
Texas Road House
3333 North Texas Street
Fairfield, California 94533
(707) 422-7623

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


I prove a theorem
and the classroom explodes:
Windows jerk free to circulate in the sky,
The roofs drift away with a sigh.
As students try to find exit to Wall Street,
The walls shake everything off
but transparency, the attachment of carnations
is gone like wind.
I'm out in the open,
Air glints through the window,
I'm hitting some point solid, and unproven.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello, Sheng, How Is Everything? Happy Birthday! Cheers! ;)

Hello, Sheng, How Is everything?
Your Mom said that you're working in summer,
I deposited some cash for your rent,
I may add more for your food soon,
Hope that you take good care of yourself,
I'm out of country during summer break,
Email me or your Mom if you need anything,
Happy Birthday! Cheers! ;)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yemen = James Halligan + Henry A. W. + Meijun Zhu + Xiamen City of FuJyan Province + Jeroen Tromp + Philip J. Hdmes + Benny Canners + Benny Evans + Tian'an'men (Tom Ann Gate) + James Kirkland + Emmett Fields + Joyee + Yale University + Maine (ME)

The New York Times has lots of
news on Yemen located at the Arabian
Peninsula,  that borders Saudi Arabia,
the Red Sea, and Oman.
The Middle East's popularity grows
as a place for adventurous
travelers to visit, but some areas
are safer than others, it pays to do
your research before jumping into a trip.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Have A Happy Mother's Day To My Mom, Sister, and Sister in Law, Including My Wife Yanji!

Have A Lovely Mother's Day, Mom,

My Greeting also goes to my sister Aihong, 
my Sister-in-law, Wangying, 
and my wife, Yanji.....Take good care...

Thanks for the support!

I Love You and I Need You, J   by T.

I love you and I need you, even though
I may at times have made you tear your hair!
I set myself apart, but even so
Your presence and your love are always there.
You are my jail cell and ten-ton door
That keeps me from just being who I am.
And so I pound the walls and go to war,
Ramming all the rules that I can ram.
Yet though I must rebel, all the while
I know your love's the ground on which I stand.
I wait upon the flash of your proud smile
And twist inside at every reprimand.
I'm sorry for the times I've caused you pain;
After these brief storms, love will remain.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Y=Why? YES!

Roll back the Fuji film
and fill in another roll,
No questions, but history,
Just the memories of
a pen writing
on a blank sheet of ___,
The trail begins
with the loss of a sheep,
and completes with the missing of a tooth,
Add a horn to the confused hen,
Y? Yes, Yahoo wins the game then.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Angola = Amy Grant+Sabrina Swanger+Tarang Sinha+Pinklady+Angela+Viola+Gayla Foster+Laura Willis+Gong Li+Ziyuan Yang+Amit Singer +Anne

Angola lies in Southern Africa,
bordering the South Atlantic Ocean,
between Namibia and Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Angola has good relation with America and China.
Angola is still recovering from
civil war that officially ended in 2002.
But its oil, diamonds, natural beauty
(and even dinosaur bones) are attracting
business men, tourists and paleontologists.

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