Monday, April 30, 2012


Laid out on long benches,
The past is a tangled curve
under the plots of mathematicians,
The world rotates and transforms
the way Astronauts estimate the planets,
The night is reflected in the river's restless waves,
and mermaids write their stories inside bubbles,
The Admiral foresees his circuitous path to Heaven,
As lost souls draw their bows, and arrows
haunting every corner of the castle,
discovering the buried truth.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chinese Visa (Service): Easy Yet More Costly Than That in 2002

"In 2002, a Chinese Visa cost $50
and you could mail your passport
straight to the nearest Chinese consulate.
Now, if you are American and want a visa,
you can't mail it directly to the consulate.
you have to use a Visa Service
and pay someone else  for about $175 to get you your visa."

Image Credit: on Chinese Visa and Service, Fees, and Method of Applications...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Safeguard Daily Items: They Make Huge Differences on Our Daily Growth!

There are things in life we must cherish
since they make big differences
on our healthy growth, Safeguard soap
is our family choice for good,
so does Tide Detergent and related products,
for dish washer, we use Ajax mostly,
and for paper towels, tooth pastes,
and bath tissues, we have Scott,
Crest, and Angel Soft.

Image Credit; on products...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From University of Chicago to Princeton University: I Value The Encouragements from Professor Peter Constantin!

It's not easy to get a Ph. D in mathematics
at University of Chicago, I count myself lucky
by working with professor Peter Constantin,
He's been incredibly supportive...
A big thanks to my thesis committee
members who have spent time reading my work...
Looking forward to visiting Constantin's new
location at Princeton University next week...

 Image Credit: on University of Chicago, Princeton University...

Quansen Jiu at Capital Normal University: Your Support Genuinely Inspires Me and My Family!

Quansen Jiu is one of my research
partners at Beijing, who is the host
this summer at Capital Normal University,
After my visit at South Korea
early June (June 4-June 16),
It's quite a challenge to work out
problems in a new setting,
but once a project is done,
the experience is rewarding and fulfilling...

Image Credit:, on Capital Normal University....Quansen Jiu, Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan, Sheng Wu, Tom Wu...